What is Swizzle Sizzle?

In our humble opinion, to "Swizzle" is to drink among friends.  But more than just sharing a beer with your buds after work, to really Swizzle entails leaving your worries behind and having an awesome time, no matter where you are.  If there is any question what it means to "Sizzle", hang around us and you'll figure it out!

Swizzle Sizzle is a modeling company that brings fashion Sizzle to your favorite, high-traffic drinking establishments, with an unmatched elegant appeal.  We hire only the finest looking ladies, with outgoing and fun personalities, professional demeanor, and the effusive charm expected of anyone in the New Orleans hospitality industry.

Swizzle Sizzle ladies are tastefully adorned in the finest lingerie and fashions, guaranteed to bring any room to life.  You have never seen a lingerie show like this!

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