Wanna make your place Sizzle?

When our ladies arrive at a venue, the gentlemen soon follow.  It's funny how that works, isn't it?  Also, our VIP  "Official Swizzlers"  are regulars at our events and join us wherever we Sizzle!

Sizzle Spots range from casual sports bars to super sexy ultra lounges, white tablecloth dining establishments and an array of special events.  We select mainly smoke-free environments, to benefit our models and protect the products we showcase.

Typical events are held during lunch and happy hour or early evening, in high-traffic entertainment venues.  One-on-one presentation strategy ensures that each guest is acknowledged and feels appreciated.  This personal approach leaves customers in high spirits, as also does the beverages they consume to cool down from our Sizzling hot show.
We guarantee it! 

If you have a venue and you would like it to Sizzle, please fill out the form below and one of our marketing associates will be in touch as quickly as possible.  Please be sure to include your phone number and a brief description of your venue, etc., in the comments box.  If you would like to stay in the loop of our Sizzling schedule, click here.

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